"Those who tried to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed at it."

Richie is a friend that Ash made in Pokemon League, Japanese name Hiroshi. He was in three episodes, but as he is one of Ash's main rivals, he can be called a proper character.

At Pokemon League, Richie takes a lift down with Ash and his friends (including his mother and Prof Oak). But the lift gets stuck, and the emergency phone won't work. Richie bends down and begins tampering with the lift's wiring, also borrowing Ash's Pikachu to power the lift, bringing it to the desired floor.

After he leaves, everyone comments on what a nice, polite boy Richie is, and what a contrast to Ash. ^_^. Actually, the two boys are quite similar, although Richie seems a little more mature, and dare I say it, more perfect. ^_^; Both are competitors in the Pokemon League.

Ash meets up with Richie again but Team Rocket steals their Pokemon (Richie recognises Team Rocket too). The two boys run off together to chase the theives and reclaim everyone at the League's Pokemon. They travel together for a day and a night, before fighting together to take everyone's Pokemon back.

After this, Ash and Richie realise their next battle is against each other! Being friends, they are uncertain, but Richie makes them promise to fight their hardest. Ash is late to their match, but Richie, rather than win by default, has it postponed so that Ash can battle... but Richie wins because Ash's Pokemon were weakened by Team Rocket.

Not very fair!

Ash's competition in the Pokemon League is now over, but he masks his disappointment to cheer for Richie, glad his friend can go on to do well. However, Richie loses his next match too. The two reflect on their losses and promise that they will both become Pokemon Masters some day.

Richie is an interesting character... actually, I lied, he isn't really. His looks and style are vaguely similar to those of Ash, as well as being of similar age, having similar personality traits, and similar Pokemon, although Richie names his. The two boys get along well from the start. Richie demonstrates such commendable traits as not being a sore loser, determination, friendship, loyalty, friendliness, politeness, kindness, intelligence and ingenuity. He also makes it to the sixth round of the Pokemon League, having shown much battling skill.

His bad traits are never revealed to us. I do not think an 11-year-old (or however old he is) would be so perfect, mature and pleasant. Or perhaps I don't know the right people.

Not much about Richie's background is known.

The Pokemon that Richie has are:

Charmander (Zippo)
Butterfree (Happy)
Pikachu (Sparky)



(He has at least one of the above. It was not said which Pokemon were his.)

My thoughts on Richie: I actually like him. He's a cute kid, and he has a *great* voice, really suits him I reckon. Although there is the undeniable truth that he is overly perfect, he's fairly likeable, but I know many disagree with me! ^_^. In the manga, his Pikachu's name is Chuchino, and he has a Charizard called Charley. I think a good name for Pikachu would be Neon. But that's just me. ^_^;

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